Astrology is an ocean and No astrologer can predict everything with perfection. Having realised this truth very early,  I invested 9 years of my life in doing research only on below mentioned topics on which I can give predictions with an accuracy of 70% – 80% rather than trying to predict everything with just 40% to 50% accuracy. 

The quote I firmly believe “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce lee. 

My specialities are

1. Foreign settlement

2. Government job

3. Business

4. Any other profession

5. Health issues

6. Marriage problems

7. Wealth

8. Timing the marriage

9. Understanding personality of yourself and your loved ones. 

I was a computer science student so I developed a very unique way of reading charts. I call it Algorithmic pattern analysis. This method allows me even to reverse predict the combinations present in the birth chart by asking questions to the client about themselves without even knowing the birth details. I can confidently say that only 1 in THOUSAND!!! astrologers can do it, not because they lack the knowledge but because of their lack of interest in research. 

It’s the passion for research and helping people that equipped me with this skill and I promise that my predictions are value for your money. Get your consultation today.

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About Me

Hi, this is Astro Aladdin and I’ve been practicing Astrology since 10 years. I started my journey as a non believer in this field but as it’s unwise to reject anything without knowing and testing it, hence I started learning and applying the theories on my own chart. And having realized that there is some truth in it, I started digging deeper in this subject and began giving free consultations to collect birth charts for my research. Finally, I now completely believe that Astrology is one of the greatest subjects of the world and I really feel blessed that it chose me.

Astrology has somehow made me less judgmental, more confident and happy. I became less materialistic, more loving and most importantly, I gave up Religion and embraced Spirituality.

I always loved helping people. I derive my happiness from wiping the tears of people by assuring hope and providing confidence in themselves. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than uplifting the spirit of a fallen soul.

Jai Shri Ram

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