Early Success



Sun: Confidence, strength of your personality, how decisive you are, Freedom of self-reliance, ability of inspire, creativity, activeness.


Mars: Courage, speed, energy, Proactive, competitive attitude, willpower, unyielding determination.


Without the strong Sun and Mars we won’t be able to grab the opportunities that come in our way.

Sun, the King is ever ready to conquer, he has the confidence to take responsibility and to prove himself that he’s the worthy person to take up the opportunities.

Mars is the commander in chief, who backs his King’s (Sun) confidence with his courage and ability to take initiative. He is ever ready to fight and defend his king in the face of danger. He’s not afraid of bleeding. He takes a methodical approach towards the competition and winning.

The best example is Sachin Tendulkar. He has an exalted Sun in 10th house and it’s lord Mars is exalted in 7th house. He achieved success and recognition at a young age.

Leo – Aries and Sun – Mars connection gives immense strength in the chart to achieve early success. Improving one’s Fire signs through constant efforts will guarantee the success.


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