Why does 5th House represent Power? Why does Sun represent Leadership? 

Why exactly?  By following the below steps we can also strengthen our 5th house and Sun.

There are many definitions of leadership and power but I would like to quote BRENE BROWN(author of dare to lead) here.

“I define a leader as anyone who takes RESPONSIBILITY for finding the POTENTIAL in PEOPLE and PROCESSES, and who has the courage to develop the potential”

These are the key qualities I picked from the above definition and few other sources.


A few days ago I was reading the book “The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology”. It said whenever 1st lord goes into 5th, the person sees the best in people. I didn’t understand the reason but it stuck me when I was reading the above definition from the book ” DARE TO LEAD”.

Recognizing the potential in people and giving them a suitable position/Title is how the PYRAMID OF POWER works. It’s the quality of 5th house. That’s how a leader behaves and leads. A leader identifies strengths of people and distributes the power accordingly which in turn makes him more powerful. The naturally want to do it. They love allocating powers.

During my initial days of college, when I didn’t even make 5 friends, I started playing volleyball with random people. There was a MEDIOCRE player who stood behind in the same team who I didn’t even see before. After we got the 1st point, he encouraged me and an other guy for playing well and said we would perform even better if we swapped the places. We instantly liked him and did accordingly. Later on we became good friends, he naturally has this charm, he always used to pick best people in friend circle, he always was able to see the potential in people so one day I wanted to see his birth chart and asked for the same. He gave the birth details and I was awestruck when I saw his ascendant. Sun was exalted in 1st house and 1st lord was in 5th house. Coincidentally his name was also Surya.



Sun always wants to be the face of the team/ group. Sun has the courage to take responsibility for the failure of a team, that’s why he takes the major share of the credit for the the success of his team. Because SUN wants the LOIN’S SHARE of everything. 

A leader wants to own things, If he can’t own things, he want to create his own. We might have come across situations where, when a person is opposed from taking the leadership position of the group, he creates his own group to become the leader of it. Creation is the quality of 5th house. The reason he creates things is because he can claim the ownership.

A leader is generous. He can give away things to people because he feels like he’s generous with himself. To him it’s just a zero sum game. By giving, he’s only circulating things in his own territory. He subconsciously has the feeling that it still belongs to him. So he doesn’t feel the loss. That’s the same reason why leaders insist people to contribute to his personal welfare. Because he feels that he and people and not different. His loss is people’s loss and vice versa. 

Strong 5th house creates strong desire to own too many things, too much, too many people. Their mental bandwidth of ownership stretches out far and wide. For an instance an MLA owns a constituency, A chief minister owns a state, A prime minister owns the country. Everyone wants to develop themselves but a leader wants to develop more than just himself because he has the feeling that he owns more than that. They develop communities, districts, states and countries. That’s why during the era of kings, they always wanted to conquer more kingdoms. It’s an insatiable urge that comes from a strong 5th house or Sun. This is the reason 5th house is also called lakshmi sthana. 



A kingdom has all kinds of people. Weak, strong, poor, rich, sufferers, joyful everyone. They’re all the same to the king. That’s why he doesn’t feel low or nervous in the presence of stronger, cleverer or braver people. That’s why people with strong Sun and 5th house generally don’t have self esteem issues. 

Also Sun represents father. A father is never threatened by his son’s success. He only feels proud when his son outshines him because he already has a feeling that he owns his son and so is his success. 

Steel king and Industrialist Andrew Carnegie once suggested that his epitaph should read;



A good leader is never afraid of HIS people outshining him. He’s not bothered about it. 

A leader is a person who makes people fall in love with his personal goals/objectives because you can’t always force people to follow you. So a proper leader inspires a feeling in people which lets them love their leader’s goal and feel as if it’s their own. He creates a feeling in people that they own him and that he’s a part of themself. People get that feeling only when their leader is open to their criticism whether it’s good or bad. 

He accepts the titles given by them as well as the curses. That’s why a person with a strong Sun is seldom afraid of criticism. Criticism doesn’t disturb or stop him from achieving his goals. Because Sun is the natural ruler of 5th house which also denotes love and specially self love. He owns his mistakes and his drawbacks and still loves himself a lot. That’s the exact reason why he loves HIS people despite their poverty, weakness, anger, sorrow etc. He owns their joys as well as their miseries and still loves them because they are a part of himself and he loves himself. A person who hates self can never become a good leader. This is why a person with strong Sun is less likely to commit suicides. A person with good Sun always loves himself no matter what. 


“It means keeping employees in the loop, sharing the good and the bad (while not oversharing), and welcoming honest feedback from team members. There should be no unpleasant surprises, no concerns around uncertainty, and no wishy-washy behavior that may weaken a leader’s reputation. Transparent leaders strive to practice what they preach, set crystal-clear expectations, and communicate effectively with every member of their teams.

Importance of Transparency

Leading with transparency requires a willingness to be honest and open with employees, even if doing so makes the leader feel somewhat vulnerable. When employees can see and evaluate everything a leader does, it’s essential that he or she leads the organization with integrity, in ways that are true to its values. In return, employees will give their loyalty and trust.”

— Advanced resources insights

From the above para we can conclude that strong Sun makes a person transparent and a man of integrity. We all might have had friends who fart openly and speak about taboos or sex openly anywhere. If they are in love, they’re not afraid of PDA. These are the people with strong Sun or 5th house. They don’t shy away from being transparent. 

When people with strong Sun are in subordinate positions, they always do more than they are asked for because they naturally feel that they have ownership and the responsibility over other departments too and so they quickly climb of ladder of success and power. 

But there’s a special condition which alters all the above points to an extent. That is the condition of Saturn. When Saturn is influencing Sun or 5th house. They know the LIMITS!!!. For example In romantic relationships they don’t have affairs with too many people but stay loyal to one person.

The people with this combination don’t just express anything, but they’ll adapt according to the situation and people around. They know when to be transparent and when not to. What to own and what not to. When to dominate and when to be submissive. 

When Strong Saturn is controlling 5th or Sun, they not only appreciate themselves for doing better but also punish themselves for their errors. They not only claim the credit for the success but also distribute it. They don’t just order but also lead like a true leader. Why??? because Saturn is the ruler of 10th house. To grab the power you just need to have a strong 5th house but to stay powerful you need a strong Saturn and 10th house.


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