There are many combinations that need to checked for accidents.

3rd house = travels

7th house = Road

4th house = Vehicles

6th house = Mistakes

8th = Sudden events

11th house = 8th from 4th and enemy house to Lagna. So accidents related to 4th house.

12th house = Hospitalisation.

Ketu = Sudden Loss, hospitalisation due to accidents.

Venus = comfort from Vehicles

Mercury = Any kind of skill related to hands and mechanics.

Mars + Mercury = Skill in handling vehicles.

When 3, 4, 7 are afflicted by 8th and 12th/ketu & if 11th influences 7th, the person will make sudden mistakes on road while driving.

When 8th and 12th have mutual connection, the person will get hospitalized because of accidents. If all the combinations exist but this doesn’t exist then the person may suffer minor injuries for which he doesn’t need to stay in hospital for more than a day.

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