Can I become an Actor / Actress ?

Phew!!! This is the most asked question. I get at least 1 mail every day asking if they could become an actor/actress or not. Because everyone loves this field as it is governed by Venus (primarily) and mercury (secondarily).

All of us might know someone in our network/circle who is a doctor, police, teacher, businessman, politician etc. But we rarely have someone from our network who is an established actor. Why is it so hard to become a famous actor or any level of actor for that matter.
Because just like civils/groups there is huge competition and only few posts. There is no standard entrance exam for this. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you’re talented or not. To become a star without any support, you need lot (lot means a lot) of confidence, courage, spontaneity, creativity, will power, self esteem, beauty, physique, communication skills, expressive face, luck etc. (Some people have succeeded without good looks but it’s rare & tough and he needs to be outstandingly talented). So if it’s that hard to become a superstar then they definitely must be having some rarest combinations in their birth charts.

So let’s see what are those combinations :

Leo and Capricorn are the best and least good sun signs respectively for a male actor. Venus is best in libra (Leo, Gemini, Taurus) and worst in Scorpio for male actors. Jupiter is best in Capricorn (or should have aspect or conjunct by Saturn), Sagittarius, cancer, Pisces and least good in Aries. Mercury is best in Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius and least good in Virgo (it’s not like Virgo people are not good at acting but they give too much importance to little details and also they are less interested in acting).

Mars is best in Leo, Taurus, libra and least good in Pisces. Saturn is best in libra, Sagittarius & Scorpio. Moon is best in libra, Virgo, Leo and Gemini. Most important and must have points:-Relation between 1st house/Aries/Sun/Mars and 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury (creates interest in media) Relation between 5th house/Leo/sun and 12th house/Pisces/Jupiter/Venus (Graphics in movies, expressing something from imagination that is actually absent in us)

Relation between 7th house/Libra/Venus and 10th house/Capricorn/Saturn/Mars (working for the people or as per their interests) 4th house, moon or cancer must be influenced either by Saturn or Rahu (portraying fake emotions and hiding real emotions) (1st or 10th lords of D1 must be strong in D1 or D10) or (1st or 10th lords of D10 must be strong in D10).
5th lord of D1 must be strong in D1 or D10 or 5th lord of D10 must be strong or sun must be in Leo or Aries.

Either Venus or mercury must be in below stated positions.

1. Venus must be in Taurus, Libra, Pisces in D1 or D10 or Venus in parivarthan with some planet in D10 (parivarthan in D1 doesn’t makes planets strong in D10 unlike own sign planet or exalted planet) OR

2. Mercury must be in Gemini or Virgo in D1 or D10 or mercury must be in parivarthan with any other planet in D10. Note : Venus or mercury in Leo isn’t for newcomers but this easily works for star kids.
Relation between mars/8th/Scorpio and 2nd house/Venus/Taurus in D1 & D10.

In order to be remembered forever for the roles played, 1st house (or sun) of D1 must be strong in D1 or D10 or 1st lord of D10 must be strong. Vargottam planets i.e planets sitting in same sign in D1, D9 & D10 are strong.

If the D10 isn’t strong i.e if Venus, 5th lord, 9th lord or mercury are not strong in D10 then Exalted Saturn (karaka of D10 & also gives artistic skills) & strong Venus or mercury & 10th lord in 2 divisional among D1, D9, D60 will suffice (strong means planet in own sign or exalted). If only D1 & D60(ascendant and planet’s sign) are strong then success will stay only for short period. Strong D1 & D9 can also make a woman star but only for short period.

But for a woman to become and remain a star, she needs D1, D10 and D60 or D1, D9, D10 to be strong. Order of strength of divisional charts (for career) D1–> D10–> D9–> D60.
If 10th lord of D1 & D9 are same then it shouldn’t be debilitated in D9 especially if the 10th lord is Saturn. Relation between 7th house/7th lord/Libra/Venus & 8th house/8th lord/Scorpio/Mars is must. This helps the actor in transforming themselves according to the given character and gives unpredictability to the character.

Neech Bhang Raja yoga also makes planets powerful and helps in getting into acting field but it depends planets that are providing Neech Bhang Raja yoga. If that planet supports film industry, only then it will be worthy (This doesn’t apply for Venus and mercury).

All the above points are not copied from somewhere or written randomly. I’ve written only after researching on birth charts of 73 celebrities. I’ve only written those points which are common in every single chart. I have intentionally skipped few points like combinations required to get lead roles/protagonist or to become an international star etc as they need astrologer’s discretion.

Note : The reason I wrote the planets should only be in their own or exalted signs (or parivarthan) is because they give their best results in these signs, an outsider can’t become a star until and unless he’s the best unlike a star kid.

Star kids just need to express themselves better but outsiders need to be the best. Below are some example charts of only Hollywood stars as I couldn’t find accurate birth times of Indian stars. I can’t write and explain all the combinations for every horoscope so I’ll explain all of them on Bruce Lee’s chart. Readers can analyze rest all the charts by themselves.

Bruce Lee :

He became a star for what he did only in his Sat-mars dasa. The martial arts icon left the world after that. His Saturn is under the control of his mars as it is debilitated and aspected by mars.

His Venus is in it’s own sign in 12th house. Ascendants of both D1 & D10 are same. His 1st lord of D1 i.e mars is exalted in D9 and D10.Mars is also 1st lord of D10.Conjuction of mars and Venus & also 7th and 8th lords. Mutual aspect of 1st and 3rd lords, 5th & 12th lords, 10th lord sun aspecting 7th house and mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus.

Although he is an icon of Martial arts, his chart doesn’t have few important combinations like 5th lord isn’t strong in D1, D10 or even D9.

Meryl Streep :

Tom Hanks :

Johnny Depp :


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