My take on Parivarthan Yoga

When 2 or 3 planets exchange signs/houses it is called as Parivarthan Yoga

For Example: If Sun is placed in Libra and Venus is placed in Leo, it’s called Parivarthana as Sun and Venus are exchanging signs.

  • Parivarthanas between Sun, Mercury & Venus are very common.
  • Parivarthana between Jupiter and Saturn is rare to have.
  • Results of Parivarthana in D1 are limited to D1 and it’s same for other divisional charts as well unlike the results of planets in own or exalted signs in D1.
  • Parivarthana makes both Houses and Planets strong
  • If there is a Parivarthana between 2 Planets then each planet is obliged to give the results of other planet as well in it’s Dasa.
  • Just like exchange of 2 planets, exchange of 3 or 4 planets have significant influence on the chart, but larger the loop of exchange, smaller will be the effect.

Also with respect to Dasa: If Sun and Venus are in exchange for Libra ascendant then Venus gives the results of Sun and 8th House too in it’s Dasa.

  • For Example: Something danger might happen to father in the Dasa of Venus. When it comes to aspects in the above example. We see Venus aspecting 5th House from Leo but 5th House receives the aspect of both Venus(Higher) and Sun(Lesser than Venus). Parivarthana can give both good and bad results depending upon the houses involved.

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