🍁Planets as salesmen. What do they say to their customers? 🍁

🌈Sun : Tells in a dramatic way. My product complements your Personality. It’s the latest and best in the market with a robust body. Works on solar energy. In a word, You’ll be a proud owner of it.

🌈Moon: Tells in a soothing way with innocent expressions. My product gives comfort, peace and time to relax. You can operate it effortlessly without having to move from your seat. It’s even kid friendly.

🌈Mars: Tells with all enthusiasm he’s got. My product is the best!!! in the market. One of it’s kind and completes your work faster than any other product. It’s slim, robust and doesn’t use much power.

🌈Mercury: Tells in a funny way. My product is very easy to operate and fun to use. It’s also Technologically advanced. You can carry it anywhere with ease.

🌈Jupiter: Tells you with a smile. My product is reliable, has guarantee, save you lot of time and hard work. It’s the most organic product with best quality. It works even in your absence. We’ll provide value for money products only.

🌈Venus: Tells in a stylish way.Praises you for your taste even before you agree to buy.
Says my product compliments your aesthetic sense. It’s cost efficient. We have products ranging from cheapest to priciest. You can even wear it as an ornament.

🌈Saturn: Tells in a humble yet serious way. This is the most reputed product. Our motto is to improve the lives of people. This is the most durable product at this price in the entire market and It serves all classes of people.

🌈Rahu: Shows you a visually stunning video. Tells you how the company keeps updating their product and provides the best quality, finest service, most advanced technology etc etc.
Overpromises and doesn’t bother about after sales support.

🌈Ketu: Reveals harsh realities about the market and tells how their company is constantly striving to seperate themselves from the market from the root level to give the best technical support. Gives assurance by telling about 50 year history of the company.
Doesn’t bother about outward looks and sharp edges. Underpromises due to fear of complaints.

— Astroaladdin.

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